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Document Archive


Here choir members will find documents such as committee meeting agendas and minutes from further back in time


Minute of Extraordinary General Meeting 23rd October 2019

Our Constitution

Committee Meeting 30th September 2020 Agenda and Minutes

Committee Meeting 10th March 2021:  Agenda and Minutes

Annual GeneraL Meeting 24th March 2021:


President's Report

Treasurer's Report



Committee Meeting 21st April 2021: Agenda and Minutes

Committee Meeting 19th May 2021: Agenda and Minutes

Your Committee for 2021

Norman Bowman: President

Owen Rowlands: Vice President

Margery Inglis: Secretary

Wendy Wilson: Treasurer and Alto Rep

Carol Bowman: Membership Secretary

Anne Watson: Music Librarian

Gillian Grant: Soprano Rep

Nirved Wilson: Tenor and Bass Rep

James Young: Musical Director

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